Our mission is to make refugee's potential accesible to the labor market & to break down negative stereotypes towards refugees.

About our company is a social enterprise that pursues the goal of creating equal chances on the labour market for migrants.

Mag. Dominik Beron

Mag. Dominik Beron

Founder & CEO

Dominik is the brilliant mind behind our awesome product. Not only that but he's also the greatest teammate you can possibly have, basically the CEO every company wishes to have.

Fatima  Almukhtar  B.Sc.

Fatima Almukhtar B.Sc.

Founder & COO

Pure awesomeness in one person. Fatima is our heart & soul. She is responsible for our daily operations.

Christoph Hauer  B.Sc.

Christoph Hauer B.Sc.

Founder & CTO

If it´s about technology, then it is this guy´s territory. Chris is the mastermind behind our platform & everything else we are developing.

Luca Augustin

Luca Augustin

Customer & Community Happiness

Luca is a really cool, relaxed & fun dude with a great mind. He´s honest, direct, reliable and a critical thinker with awesome ideas... and a hell of a cat sitter!

Verena Hanna  B.Sc.

Verena Hanna B.Sc.

Online Marketing (Volunteer)

Verena supported us from the very first day besides her studies and her job. She is one of the nicest persons on this beautiful little earth and still works with us on projects.

Jacob  Wagner B.Sc.

Jacob Wagner B.Sc.


Jacob is and will always be part of the founding team of He´s really into numbers, excel sheets and impact evaluation, which is why he still works with us on stuff like financial planning, impact evaluations and helps us to leverage data to create impact!

Farshad Salehi

Farshad Salehi


Our dear friend Farshad, came to Austria 4 years ago. He is probably the best Farsi translator in the country and we are incredibly happy to have him.

Lara Kriwan  B.A.

Lara Kriwan B.A.


Lara is a sunshine & “Wunderwutzi”. She worked with us on client & community happiness and many other things too.